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Swain Electronic Services was opened for business on the 17th of September 1978 by David Swain who had previously worked as service manager for one of the leading Organ retailers in the north of England.

The aims of the company were the service and repair of electronic organs, Leslie cabinets and the sale, service and repair of Sharma tone cabinets. As the company progressed it took on repairs for many of the leading organ / keyboard companies in the U.K. including Hammond, Gulbransen, Lowrey, Yamaha, Elka, Farfisa, Roland and many more.

Much of the older type of equipment which we specialise in repairing now were "current Models " when the company was first formed. As the years have gone by we as a company have kept up with modern technology but never forgetting the old technology which many discerning musicians both old and young rely on today.

Over the years we have amassed a large library of service data and spare parts for older instruments as well as the new breed of keyboard which are on sale today.

The company carries out repairs to and installations of amplification, backline, background music systems, and inductive loop equipment.

The company is the only Carlsbro Authorised Service Centre for the North of England.

In 2006, we introduced our Gigmaster range of organs, made from converting spinet Hammonds which were cut down to make more portable and fit on a folding base.

The electronics were modified to give more of a B3 type of sound.

We all know that an L100 is never going to sound exactly like a B3 but with our mods it gets very close and is much lighter and more portable, the M100 is an even , more realistic sound.

The gigmaster range of organs can be complemented by one of our Gigmaster Leslie cabinet modifications.

For the guitarist we manufacture our Tremsound cabinet which is a true rotary cabinet in the style of the Leslie 16 and 18.