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Welcome to Swain Electronics
Welcome to Swain Electronics Services, for over 40 years we have provided a friendly professional service to Musicians for repairs, service, refurbishment and custom modifications to all types of Electronic musical equipment.

We specialise in serving, repairs, spares and refurbishment all kinds of electronic musical equipment from Vintage equipment, Hammond Organs, Leslie Speaker cabinets, Sharma Organs, Sharma Speaker Rotary Speaker cabinets, Wurlitzer Electric Pianos, Fender Rhodes Electric Pianons, Amplification, Lighting and PA to the latest in digital technology, Electronic Organs, Keyboards and Synths.

Over the years, our clients have included local musicans, Schools & Colleges, all kinds of bands to names such as James Blunt, Robert Plant, The Stranglers, JEBO and Uriah Heep.

We have carried out Servce, Repair and Overhaul work on all kinds of electronic musical equipment:

Hammond A100 organ, Hammond B3 organ, Hammond C3 organ, Hammond L100 organ, Hammond M100 organ, Hammond M3 organ, Hammond T100 organ, Hammond T200 organ, Hammond T500 organ, Hammond B200 organ, Hammond X77 organ, Leslie 122 speaker, Leslie 145 rotary speaker, Leslie 147 speaker, Leslie 710 speaker, Leslie 760 speaker, Leslie 16 speaker, Leslie 18 speaker, Vox Continental Mk1 organ, Vox Continental Mk 2 organ, Vox Continental Vox Jaguar organs, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Elka Electric Piano, Hohner Clavinet D10, Hohner Cembelet, Selma Clavilene, Moog, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Technics, Bird Organs and Amplification, Vox AC15, Vox AC30, Fender Vibratone, Trace Elliot, Carlbro Amplification WEM Copycats, Echoplex, Guitar Effects, Numerous Synthisizers, custom modifications, splits, chops, repairs, spares, service, mods.
About Swain Electronics
Swain Electronic Services was opened for business on the 17th of September 1978 by David Swain who had previously worked as service manager for one of the leading Organ retailers in the north of England.

The aims of the company were the service and repair of electronic organs, Leslie cabinets and the sale, service and repair of Sharma tone cabinets. As the company progressed it took on repairs for many of the leading organ / keyboard companies in the U.K. including Hammond, Gulbransen, Lowrey, Yamaha, Elka, Farfisa, Roland and many more.

Much of the older type of equipment which we specialise in repairing now were "current Models " when the company was first formed. As the years have gone by we as a company have kept up with modern technology but never forgetting the old technology which many discerning musicians both old and young rely on today.

Over the years we have amassed a large library of service data and spare parts for older instruments as well as the new breed of keyboard which are on sale today.

The company carries out repairs to and installations of amplification, backline, background music systems, and inductive loop equipment.

The company is the only Carlsbro Authorised Service Centre for the North of England.

In 2006, we introduced our Gigmaster range of organs, made from converting spinet Hammonds which were cut down to make more portable and fit on a folding base.

The electronics were modified to give more of a B3 type of sound.

We all know that an L100 is never going to sound exactly like a B3 but with our mods it gets very close and is much lighter and more portable, the M100 is an even , more realistic sound.

The gigmaster range of organs can be complemented by one of our Gigmaster Leslie cabinet modifications.

For the guitarist we manufacture our Tremsound cabinet which is a true rotary cabinet in the style of the Leslie 16 and 18.
For over 30 years we have been involved with all kinds of Repairs and Servicing- anything from a basic check over, service and clean up- to a major repair and sourcing hard to get parts.

Over that period we have been able to build up a large database of knowledge and an extensive archive of Engineers Technical Information- many of which is no longer available.

Access to this material provides us with the advantage of being able tackle most faults and technical issues; and at a competitive rate, keeping the cost down for the customer.

Our experience is second to none- we have a large library of technical information and also a stock of spares for the latest to vintage equipment.

Even if it is something that has been sat in a garage for 20 years, we can at least have a look at the equipment.

We do not just specialise in Electronic and Tonewheel Organs- we also specialise in all kinds of Sound & PA Equipment, Backline and Electronic Musical Equipment- including Guitar Amplifiers, Mixers, Effects Units and Leads.

As well as the basic service- we can also fully overhaul, refurbish and modify all kinds of Electronic Musical items.

In the past we have have tackled all kinds of musical items from Hammond Organs and Leslie Cabinets that have had a busy life on the road touring to equipment left and forgotten about in the garage.

So - don't be afraid and throw it in the skip- we will at least have a look at it free of charge first.
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